Out of hibernation

The website has been in hibernation, so to speak, for personal reasons. We will post more in the near future.


16 thoughts on “Out of hibernation

  1. Lisa Berkana says:

    On patientera!!
    Courage, et total support de Bretagne.

  2. acreblade says:

    congrats and best wished with your son Marie & Varg 🙂

  3. You had twins didn’t you? Varg may have let it slip, unless it was a typo. Either way congratulations! 😀

  4. morgarath says:

    Congratulation for baby;-)

  5. Duncan Stewart says:

    I want to share a beautiful painting with the both of you to congratulate you for the newest birth.

    “Two Mothers” – Leon Maxime Faivre – 1888

  6. TICO says:

    Hey people waht about these Facebook profiles? Are real or bullcrap?


    Greetings from Central America!!!

  7. Heimat says:

    congratulation with your new child

  8. GP says:

    J’attends avec impatience cette sortie de l’hibernation, en espérant qu’il en soit de même pour Atala.
    Félicitations à vous pour votre nouvel enfant. Pourvu que le passage du solstice d’hiver et cette naissance aient laissé les mauvais souvenir de l’an passé loin derrière vous.

  9. JLS says:

    Gratulerer med sønnen!

    Veldig bra at dere skal starte opp igjen. Vi får et barn vår førstefødte i slutten av sommeren, som vi skal hjemme-skolere! Så vi er veldig interesserte i å få tips og inspirasjon til våre egne barn.

    Alt godt til både mor og barn… og far!

  10. TICO says:

    That’s a nice cooler!!!

    Is it true that Varg stayed at Morgan’s (Marduk) house back in the days? How was it?

    Greetings from Central America!!!

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