Survival Skills in the Family, # 1, “Cooling Pot”



27 thoughts on “Survival Skills in the Family, # 1, “Cooling Pot”

  1. Aleksandar says:

    Reblogged this on The Call of Thule.

  2. Steven N. says:

    This seems to be a very interesting episode of new videos, thank you for that!
    Do your children speak French and Norwegian? I am not sure whether I heard Norwegian and French in this video.

  3. Daniel C. Reiter (formerly dcreiter) says:

    Interesting post. This may come in handy someday soon. Varg, nice to see you interacting with and teaching your little ones these techniques. And the baby is adorable…already blessed with a head full of blonde hair. Marie and yourself have a lovely family. Thanks for this info…

  4. Filip Litera says:

    Great technique, thanks for sharing the knowledge! You can increase the speed of filling the space between the pots using an appropriate funnel. Although, with so many small hands ready to help, this is not such a large problem 🙂 I hope to see more such videos in the future.
    Kind regards from Slovenia.

  5. Vinlander says:

    Indeed an excellent and very handy post. Most of us didn’t had the chance to learn even few survival techniques while being at such a young age. Being myself the father of 5 kids, I know very well the pleasure of such outdoor activities with the family. Keep up the good posting and useful ideas Varg!

  6. D.G. says:

    This is fantastic, but what do you do in the lack of electricity without the vacuum cleaner to clean all the mess? 😀

  7. morgarath says:

    What if will the smaller one pot cover bag, so that the sand no fall there ?

  8. cameronmarsh says:

    Ingenious, I’ll do that in summer if heatwave comes back again

  9. Adela says:

    Reblogged this on Justice for pagans and commented:
    And this is how a family should work together.

  10. TICO says:

    That’s a nice cooler!!!

    Is it true that Varg stayed at Morgan’s (Marduk) house back in the days? How was it?

    Greetings from Central America!!!

  11. Anti-consumerist says:

    It might work for vegetables,maybe some types of hard cheese and cured meat,salami,bacon etc.But if you put raw meat, raw fish,well the smell will be unbearable in a matter of hours,guarenteed.Besides,you have to keep that towell wet all the time,and add water which means someone should always be at home.Good to keep beverages, beer,water when you want to make some room in the fridge unforunately it doesnt reach temperatures low enough to store other important food stuff.It can’t completely substitute a refrigerator.

  12. ubertodt says:

    Very nice to know 🙂

  13. fuzzshifter says:

    You have a beautiful family, you must be very proud.

  14. artusofabio93 says:

    Marie, have you seen the documentary “Cave of forgotten dreams” of Werner Herzog?

  15. Jdip says:

    You guys are awesome, ça a été formidable!!! I’ll be waiting for more videos, you are making us remember how to live.

  16. Christine says:

    Artig video. Gleder meg til å se mer survival-tips 🙂

  17. Luis Orozco says:

    Watching this video (and watching you newborn) make me want to ask some a little outopic:

    Recently my wife give birth to our first newborn daughther. This was an really new experience, since the last 9 month until now. When the moment comes, the doctos claim that its has to born by caesarean, so, Erika do not suffer travial or any like that. My child is very healty now, but my wife has to rest more bit for the operation, and we’re getting troubles with that (you know, a man can’t do all the things alone)

    Want to know (if is possible) your point of view of the Pregant/Birth process, and the good way yo have a healty and natural style of it. Whats your opinion about caesarean, is a good option?

  18. shavesmcdusnae says:

    Reblogged this on The Celtic Opinion and commented:
    very useful video! skills for the future!

  19. grutle says:

    Keep on posting those, Varg! My lad is a bit to young for that stuff (2 months :D), but one day I’d like to teach Him things like this.

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