Homeschooling – The working Boxes (Montessori inspired) – The dictations Box


14 thoughts on “Homeschooling – The working Boxes (Montessori inspired) – The dictations Box

  1. Varg Vikernes says:

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  2. Heimat says:

    your children are fluent in french and norwegian?

  3. Aleksandar says:

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  4. Melody Martel says:

    Very inspiring. I was raised very similar to your children. From the time I could sit up I was taught. By the age of five I could read as an adult and absorbed so much of the world around me which still thrives today. This gift that you give your children is an example for many. People have a grand misconception about children and their abilities. They are capable of so much more than they are given credit for. Teaching them in this manner allows them to understand that the mind has great capacity for many things. It is also very fun and teaches children the concept of self-reliance and good self-concept(self-esteem) without pushing narcissism which is so prevalent nowadays. I thoroughly enjoy watching these videos. It gives me a wonderful sense of peaceful nostalgia and hope for the future. Thank you for sharing.

  5. ubertodt says:

    Thanks for posting this!

  6. Drēogan says:

    I’d like my children to be as good as they possibly can. I want to give them all possible opportunities and allow them to develop into people much greater than me. This teaching method is certainly a great start, as it can give them much more time to learn other things besides the basics at a young age.

  7. Chilbaric says:

    Bravo pour votre petite famille, exemplaire à bien des égards.
    La seule question “technique” : vos enfants ne profiteraient-ils pas, aussi, de la fréquentation d’autres enfants ?
    Mais c’est une question très académique, il faut bien le dire …

  8. Chilbaric says:

    Vous avez bien précisé : ils rencontrent d’autres enfants, ce qui réponds exactement à ma question.
    Et votre dernière remarque, sur la spontanéité du point de vue est éclairante.
    Merci pour ces liens, et au passage, pour votre site anthropologique.
    Et tenez bon, vous tous.
    Ha det bra

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