Survival Skills in the Family, # 3, “The Candlelight”


7 thoughts on “Survival Skills in the Family, # 3, “The Candlelight”

  1. Brénnos says:

    Cool! 😉 il faudra éssayer avec de vrai sourie pour voir?? 🙂

  2. Our ancestors were genius, encoding knowledge so that the brain is sure to remember is much more impressive than doing so for a machine(in 1s and 0s.) Maybe our ancestors did not have brain scans but they certainly knew how it worked better than the modern man.

  3. Ahlforth says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. All of your films are very inspiring! We should all strive to live free of monetary dependency.

  4. Jorgen says:

    Where did you get the wax, and why you did not light a candle?

  5. I am German/American. I live in The Pacific Northwest of the United States. There are not enough people like you in the world. I hope to get as much knowledge possible from you. I look forward to your book coming out on December 5th. Thanks for all your work. My love and blessings to your beautiful family.

  6. ubertodt says:

    Perhaps it is a snail because the wax allows it to burn slowly?

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