To learn is natural

Today we are accustomed to being taught. Many believe that a child can only learn by being taught, but what do you remember from your school years? Only the things that has been useful for you, right? Is it not true that you better remember what you learned on your own?


To learn is necessary. When a child plays, he lis learning, when a child asks, he is learning. The child learns what he needs. The child will learn to read words because he sees them everywhere. If a child develops a passion for dinosaurs, he will know everything about them, then he will love math, and so on.


What a child does not like is to only learn a little about a subject, and never know why, and what a child does not like is to learn about things he is not interested in, things he does not need.




If you are in a foreign country and you need to buy food, you will learn the language much faster than anything you have learned in school.

The teaching kills learning, the more you are taught, the less you pick yourself, and since it is the same movement that prints learning in memory, you will not learn, and you will not remember.






Based on this principle, we must rethink how to teach children. To learn is no longer to teach them, but just like before the school system existed, to support them in the discoveries.




“We learn not in school, but in life” (Seneca)